Cambria County Celebrates Its 210th Birthday

Posted by Cambria County Wednesday, May 21, 2014 2:30 PM

Read Lt. Governor Jim Cawley's comments about our great county!

Did you miss the County's 210th "Birthday Bash"?   Lt. Governor Jim Cawley came to visit and spoke about the resilience of our county and those who inhabit it:

"We don’t know what the next 210 years will bring to Cambria County. But we know that in the years ahead, Cambria -- its sons and daughters – will bring much to the world.

You have helped to write America’s history, with grit, grace, and generosity of spirit.

It remains for the next generation to heed the call from that distant ship:

"Cast down your bucket where you are."

The wellspring of home will give you all you need." 

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