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Behavioral Health / Intellectual Disabilities / Early Intervention

The Cambria County Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities Programs’ mission is to view a new horizon of hope and recovery, empowering every individual to direct their treatment and rehabilitation in a manner that is responsive to their individual needs and values and which promotes a satisfying and sustainable lifestyle.

Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities & Early Intervention services provided:

  • Administrative Case Management – each individual who enters the system is assigned a case manager who will assist the individual in identifying and linking to appropriate and necessary services.
  • Blended Case Management Services- a specialized, more intensive level of case management afforded to individuals living with serious mental illness. Offers support and linkage to needed community resources; the intensity of the case management is defined by the needs presented.
  • Other services are available, depending on the individuals needs.

The Cambria County Intellectual Disabilities Program provides case management to individuals referred to the system. Case management is the process of coordinating and linking community resources required to implement the plan of treatment, while encouraging maximum consumer participation.

Cambria County Intellectual Disabilities program provides:

  • Early Intervention – Serves children with develop-mental delays from birth to three years of age
    with a variety of services to meet the family’s needs. It is an entitlement program for all individuals who meet the specified criteria.
  • Congregate Care – Provides a safe and supervised environment that promotes social-ization and recreation interaction while the
    attendant’s family is at work. Primary hours are from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Monday through
  • Socialization Recreation – Offers recreational activities including summer camps, swimming and bowling to consumers.
  • Respite Care- Professional sitters provide service in the consumer’s home to allow caregivers relief. Short term respite (40 hours a month) or Long term respite (30 days a year) in or outside of the home is also available.
  • AdultTrainingFacility/Daycare – Provides enhancement of daily living skills, prevocational skills, personal function skills and recreation to the consumer.
  • Workshops/Vocational Rehabilitation – Sheltered employment for consumers who are interested in enhancing their vocational/employment skills. Job coaching, job support and assistance with job finding are available through Transitional Employment Training.
  • Residential Facilities Lifesharing – Facilitates and sponsors adult placement from full care to supported living arrangements for consumers who are interested in developing independent/semi-independent lifestyles. Life sharing is placement of adult consumers with host families who provide a protective and supportive environment.
  • Adult Minimal Supervision (AMS) – An agency staff person visits the home of an MR individual who lives alone to provide supports with their independent living situation. Staff assure there is adequate food, bills are paid, medications are taken and appointments being kept etc.

*The above services are contingent upon eligibility requirements and available funds. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE  ACCEPTED.

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Tracy G. Selak, Administrator

Kimberly Pfeil, Deputy Behavioral Health Administrator

MaryAnn Arnone, Deputy Intellectual Disabilities Administrator

Central Park Complex
110 Franklin Street, Suite 300
Johnstown, PA 15901-1831

(814) 535-8531

Satellite Office
Human Services Building
401 Candlelight Drive, Suite 150
Ebensburg. PA  15931

(814) 472-4400

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm   Monday – Friday

Crisis Intervention 24/7, 365 days/year: 988

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