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Cambria County has vast natural resources, which together with a skilled and ready-to-work labor force, provides a favorable plan for successful business ventures and the creation of long-standing jobs. With coal, wind, natural gas and well-trained labor, Cambria County is truly Pennsylvania’s “Energy County.”

While Cambria County is eager to utilize its natural resources both effectively and efficiently, it is also committed to protecting the environment. We believe we can responsibly extract our natural resources to meet energy needs, assist in creating sustaining jobs AND preserve our land, water and air for future generations.


Cambria County has recently joined the ranks of other counties in utilizing its wind for a power source.  The Highland Wind Project, being developed by EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc., will provide Pennsylvania with one of the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly energy sources available. Wind energy is the fastest growing source of energy in the world and is inexhaustible and non-polluting.

Natural Gas

The Marcellus Shale covers approximately 65 million acres or 2/3 of Pennsylvania and is located near the high demand marketplace of the Northeast. With the onset of horizontal drilling technology combined with modern hydraulic fracturing techniques, Marcellus is now economically viable prompting recovery and marketing of its substantial resource: natural gas.  Pennsylvania is no doubt being significantly affected by this development, and Cambria County could potentially play a role in this Marcellus Shale Energy Coalition.

In the near future, a frac water treatment plant is also projected for the Minersville section of Johnstown. The plant will serve the Marcellus industry statewide.


Three (3) co-generation plants are reclaiming boney piles countywide to formulate electricity and low-pressure steam. 

Northern Star Generation, formerly known as Cambria Co-Gen Company, exports electricity to Pennsylvania Electric Company (PENELEC) and low-pressure steam to Laurel Crest Manor, a local nursing home.  The Northern Star Generation facility is located on Rubisch Road in Cambria Township.  The Colver Power Plant, located on Snake Road, exports power to PENELEC.  Additionally, the waste coal burned by the plant helps eliminate the source of acid water run-off from waste coal piles in the area while the ash produced by the plant is used to restore the landscape after removal of the waste coal.

Ebensburg Power Company, located on New Germany Road, utilizes the steam extracted from the turbine to supply heating to the Ebensburg Center, a licensed intermediate care facility which provides support to people with intellectual disabilities.

A new, $40 million dollar mine water treatment plant is planned to remove acid mine drainage in St. Michael, The Little Conemaugh River and clean the watershed.  Rosebud Mining Company has started construction on this plant, and it is expected  to stop more than 3,700 tons of acid mine drainage.

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